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cruising 1To explore the world by ship is a treat and a rare pleasure.  Unpack Once!  Visit a new Place Each day! I can advise on which, where and when. From crossing the Atlantic (see Amelia’s Travels) to exclusive small boat exploring or private charter adventures.

This has been my forte and world for over twenty years, covering remote shores and tiny island chains from Norway to Papua New Guinea with detours through the Baltic, Mediterranean, Black Sea and Andaman Seas.

Expedition cruising 3No one understands the excitement and glories of exploring by small expedition ship as I do.  To quote the travel writer, Peter Hughes, when enjoying one of my wildlife adventures on the shores of Madagascar:

“Expedition cruising is combining a back-packing existence by day with Claridges comfort at night . . . We were paddled ashore landing at a village on a beach patrolled by inquisitive goats. Fishing canoes lolled on their outriggers. Beyond the village huts lay a glistening plateau of salt flats. Stilts – small, self-important wading birds – strutted close to the track. In the distance, at the edge of the forest, there were egrets and sacred ibis. Three Decken’s sifaka lemurs, whose round black faces encircled in puffs of white fur make them among the prettiest of all lemurs, watched us from the top of a banyan tree”.

Having owned and operated my own expedition ship, I have a commercial master’s qualification.  I have created unique programmes for small ships globally, covering every detail.

Lovund, Gotland, Viz and Folegandros: Pantelleria, the Lakshadweeps, Aldabra and Anjouan: Nusa Penida and Anambas;  I have recce’d and visited all these islands, creating expeditions for passengers from small ships to enjoy them all.
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