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Past Tours

Wrens operating the Colossus computer, 1943.

Bletchley Park & Enigma

Wednesday 9th March 2016


Bletchley Park & The National Museum of Computing, sifting out the secrets with  Brigadier Tim Pulverman.

Intelligence gathering will include Alan Turing’s extraordinary BOMBE MACHINE, the . . . [READ MORE]


Portuguese Table Wines with Ben Howkins

APRIL 14th - 19th 2016

PORTUGAL – “a treasure trove of indigenous grape varieties.”

The Douro Valley & Lodges of Oporto: a delightful wine tour with BEN HOWKINS & Amelia Dalton.

We will taste wines created by the historic . . . [READ MORE]

Our motor yacht

Boating in the Brazilian Amazon

7th - 22nd October 2015

From the comfort of our private motor yacht,  chartered exclusively for us, we cruise the tributaries of the mighty Amazon, heading up into the tributaries of the Rio Negro before . . . [READ MORE]

Planting rice

Burma past and present

Colonial Yangon occupied our first morning before visiting the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda during a golden sunset followed by a Burmese dinner with French wine, in the company of alumni from . . . [READ MORE]


Wines of the Rhône Valley

11 - 15 June 2014

A specialist wine tour with James Price & Amelia Dalton
“Are there wines to rival the greatest First Growths of Bordeaux and the Grand Crus of Burgundy?” Robert Parker’s answer is a resounding “YES! They are found among the finest wines of the Rhône Valley.”


Sumatra & Super Trees

2 – 8 October 2014

From the sophistication of Singapore to the simplicity of Sumatra, this will be a short tour of contrasts, principally offered to those taking the ORION voyage through INDONESIA.

Mekong Explorer

The Temples of Angkor & Cruising the mighty Mekong

From VIETNAM to CAMBODIA by way of LAOS; temples, rivers and lakes. A cultural and wildlife extravaganza


Costa Rica & Belize by private plane

Volcanos, turtles, textiles and tattoos; Costa Rica and Belize have an incredible colourful variety of interests to attract: a private plane avoids tiresome roads and gives easy access to the remote jungle lodges, turtle beaches and delightful towns with their charming colonial archcitecture.

Cicogna M loggia

Spring Glamour: Italian Lakes, Villas & Gardens

15 - 20 April 2015


“The island gardens which dot the Italian lakes are among the most beautiful and beguiling in the world.  But it takes a gardener to explain their fascination” Monty Don.

. . . [READ MORE]

Beach thumb

Orangutans, Monkeys and Dragons

8 - 20 October 2014

An exotic wildlife voyage to Borneo, Bali & Beyond