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News: Amelia's Travel Diary

Amazon & Pantanal: the world’s biggest Wetland

February 2016

Amazon morning E

I knew it would be tough, but the heat and humidity were even sapping our local guides.   We stretched the boat’s air con, but our cameras captured such an amazing variety of wildlife, mesmerizing river-scapes and bonkers Manaus with the extraordinary rubber barons’ opera house. On Amazon river dolphins dived round us in droves, we ate piranha and swam: in the Pantanal rare hyacinth macaws peered from nests and giant river otters posed. We were fortunate from start to finish and all loved out little eco lodge in the Pantanal and powerful Iguassu Falls on foot and by chopper!

Macaw E

Igguzz E











Would I do it again:              yes, but differently now I know more

What did I enjoy most;       the extraordinary vastness of the Amazon

What’s not to like:                 having to take 5 showers a day to feel human

TOP TIP:                         total cover up;  night viewing is good but the mozzies are bad.