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News: Amelia's Travel Diary

Rome & Tuscany

July 2021

Braving the COVID rules on travel in May, I nervously set off for Italy. Fully jabbed and with all the required paperwork my first out-of-the-UK venture in 16 months . . . [READ MORE]

Andaman Isles: a Durrell Conservation Voyage 2019

March 2019

“Thank you so very much for such a brilliant trip.  I know it must have been a difficult one to organise and from our point of view it seemed to . . . [READ MORE]

Andaman Isles: a Durrell Conservation Voyage 2019

“……it was so much fun meeting up with old friends and making new ones too. Your trips always have such a great feel about them. The ship was very comfortable, . . . [READ MORE]

Tour review, in the June issue, 2018

May 2018

  “When you come down to it, travelling is essentially about doors and getting them to open. Money usually works, for tickets, passes, vouchers and the like. Sometimes, though, . . . [READ MORE]

Christmas in Sri Lanka

March 2018

Father Christmas thankfully discovered us in SRI LANKA, where we were ensconced in style.  Our days we filled with variety, from the highly painted caves at Dambulla, rock climbing at . . . [READ MORE]

Mistress & Commander: the book

July 2017

A tale of high jinks, high seas and highlanders
As featured on SATURDAY LIVE with the Rev. Richard Coles,
BBC  Radio London & Radio Scotland. She was also a guest . . . [READ MORE]

Mistress & Commander: the book

July 2017

A tale of high jinks, high seas and highlanders.

 “My encounters with Amelia Dalton have been mostly on the high seas near places like Madagascar, Borneo and Venezuela, where . . . [READ MORE]

Yorkshire’s Very Best; stylish houses & charming concerts.

August 2016


‘Behind-the-Scenes’ in God’s Own Country! a Private Minibreak

Four highly varied days of private mansions, open dales, soaring ruins, country pubs & memorable concerts. We visited the pretty Georgian mansion of Beningborough . . . [READ MORE]

Telegraph Article

February 2016


Oranugtans, Dragons for The Durrell Conservation Trust;  Indonesia & Borneo


Turtles & Submarines in the Indian Ocean

February 2016

It was flattering to be asked to a ship’s naming ceremony and one with it’s own mini sub – the same as the one David Attenborough has been exploring . . . [READ MORE]

Amazon & Pantanal: the world’s biggest Wetland

I knew it would be tough, but the heat and humidity were even sapping our local guides.   We stretched the boat’s air con, but our cameras captured such an . . . [READ MORE]

Boating in Burma

In January 2015, after the charter of the delightful Orcaella from Belmond with CAZENOVE & LOYD, I stayed on as lecturer for BELMOND’s guests and was amazed by the change . . . [READ MORE]

Touring the British Isles

October 2015

A new and exciting venture for me which proved to be amazingly rewarding as well as great fun.  My lovely American clients could not have been more interested, charming . . . [READ MORE]

Tinkling Bells in Java

September 2015

JAVA – from its seething, traffic choked capital to the calm Buddhist temples of BOROBUDUR is a fascinating island.  The superb museum in JAKARTA is massive, well laid out and simply . . . [READ MORE]

Lakes & Gardens: Italy in April

May 2015

Boating around the Italian lakes of COMO and MAGGIORE  from garden to Garden – what could be more charming. The ice cream is of course delicious, food and wine memorable, the architecture . . . [READ MORE]

Deep Sea from New York

September 2014

Another box ticked – an Atlantic crossing by LINER.  

Note – Liner, not cruise ship.  There is a massive difference between a cruise ship, built to take you to destinations . . . [READ MORE]

Wines of the Rhone Valley

June 2014

From Chateauneuf du Pape to Condrieu we spent 4 sunny days in the Rhone Valley.  Arriving into Marseilles we went straight to the Roman city of Orange. Our . . . [READ MORE]

Temples at Mrauk Oo

March 2014

Recce’ing in Burma

February 2014

Flying out of Rangoon, the golden pagoda pinnacles dot the cityscape, I peered through the murky plane window – that must be the empty 20 lane highway leading to the . . . [READ MORE]

Burma in January

‘This is BURMA and it will be quite unlike any land you know about’, so wrote Kipling and he remains entirely correct.  My recent three weeks and previous visits spread . . . [READ MORE]

Christmas in Sicily

December 2013

Ever since exploring SICILY 15 years ago, I have felt this varied island would provide a wonderful escape from the dark days of winter in London.  We headed to Siracusa just . . . [READ MORE]

PURE LIFE Experiential Travel in Morocco

November 2013

As a guest at this by-invitation only annual travel show, I renew old friendships, check up on places that I am already familiar with and of course broaden my knowledge globally. . . . [READ MORE]

Inspections in Burma

September 2013

I spent three weeks making inspections in Burma to ensure the charter I am working on with CAZENOVE+LOYD of the new ORIENT-EXPRESS boat ‘Orcaella’  will be tailored for our clients.  In . . . [READ MORE]

Inspections in Piedmont (Italy) for a Wine Tour

July 2013

In a moment of enthusiasm I decided a biking tour would be a good way to check out this famous wine producing area of Italy not realising just how hilly . . . [READ MORE]

The Glories of England

June 2013

Taking advantage of the wonderful summer weather, I took clients on a whirl wind tour from London to Scotland and Norfolk.  We sped north to the Lake District to walk . . . [READ MORE]

Ankor, Siem Reap & Koh Samui

January 2013

Having completed a three week tour of Laos, Cambodia and Thailand (see Past Tours),I took some time off with the opportunity to visit areas new to me. The highlight remained exploring the remoter . . . [READ MORE]