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THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, 24 December 2013
Panama Canal: happy birthday to the ‘big ditch’
One of the wonders of the modern world celebrates its centenary in 2014. Peter Hughes pays a visit

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VANITY FAIR, Nov 2009, on small, sleek expedition ships: Amelia Dalton, one of the few travel consultants to specialize in expedition cruising, explains what to look for: “You want a ship without too many people, a maximum of 150 passengers, preferably fewer than 100. It must take you to places where there is very little infrastructure and where you are going ashore by Zodiac inflatable boats. You want good, knowledgeable speakers and a flexible itinerary. And you need to be able to change the programme, so if you hear that a chief’s daughter is getting married, you can ask if you can go and watch.” Expeditions also tend to be energetic, though Dalton says required fitness levels can be exaggerated: “You need to be walking with one stick rather than two.”

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TELEGRAPH, February 2011
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“We don’t ask for massive infrastructure such as roads or airports,” said Amelia Dalton, “and we put money into an area without causing any change to the ecosystem.” She also maintained that there are still plenty of places that expeditions have yet to reach. “There is huge potential in the Far East – Philippines, Borneo – and I could find you all sorts of interesting things to do in the Med,” she said.