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Mistress and Commander, is a memoire of my Scottish adventures with a scurrilous sea dog, the captain of my mini passenger ship, amongst the romantic west coast islands.  PAGES from my PASSPORT continues my story of island exploration:  I was paid to explore!  From NORWAY’s remote, uninhabited isles to uncharted MADAGASCAR, via the palaces of ST. PETERSBURG, GREEK island chains of the Cyclades & Dodecanese and the unknown BALTIC coasts.

The books are stories of colourful places, sometimes difficult characters –  the boat’s passengers, the bureaucratic surveyors, chauvinistic fishermen and rivals. Tales of disasters, adventures and frights with occasional triumphs;  I had to fight every wave to win acceptance and succeed in these lonely, wild places.

Featured on SATURDAY LIVE, TIMES RADIO, BBC4 and local radio,  I have spoken at travel Shows, Book Festivals, book clubs, societies and charities.

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