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“I am definitely getting Burma withdrawal symptoms. It was a fascinating two and half weeks, beautifully arranged an organised,and I am definitely hooked on that country (and Amelia Dalton Travel!)”  Maggie, February 2020.

“I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful trip. You looked after us so well and made it all interesting, fun, relaxing and memorable.  I will never forget out exciting trip going south on the lake and all the scenic villages we went to and the long necked ladies – I really have fallen in love with Burma, the people and places we went to were all so special, an added bonus to have such a small group.  I have come back on a complete high, going back to work was no problem!”  Lucy, February 2020

“…want to say what an amazing trip we had with you. The ship was very comfortable, food fabulous and lecturers very interesting. It was so much fun meeting up with old friends and making new friends too.  Your trips always have such a great feel about them. Our favourite location was the Sundarbans, what an incredible place. It was all a very happy and interesting expedition, thank you very much” Ron, March 2019

“Thank you so very much for such a brilliant trip.  I know it must have been a difficult one to organise and from our point of view it seemed to go seamlessly.  We thoroughly enjoyed it all.  The food on the ship was the best we have had and catered for our dietary issues without any issues whatsoever.  The vibes on the ship were the friendliest we have had, and it was like a family re-union” David, March 2019

“We can’t thank you enough for planning our Sicily trip. It was everything that we imagined and more”  Kathy, June 2018

…..just returned from a fantastic time in Tanzania-all the family loved it-a really memorable time with our golden wedding celebrated wherever we went! Many thanks to you and all who arranged it.”Mark, August 2017

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our Arctic trip. I really loved every minute and it exceeded my expectations. Your little group of English was great fun and we all got on so well. Needless to say the wild life and scenery were superb and the ship was comfortable and the food very good. My trousers are a little tight…..”  Sharon M, ARCTIC Polar Bears, June 2017

We really loved the holiday.  Everything about it was perfect: the ship, food, organisation, lectures, staff, company (not necessarily in that particular order). Thank you for all you did”.  Elizabeth, Indian Ocean Expedition to Madagascar & Seychelles. March 2017

We have never been on a “cruise” before, and started off quite doubtful about the format, but we felt that the key to the whole thing was your excellent and enthusiastic leadership”. Jonathan C.  BURMA cruise.  September 2016

I have been meaning to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip with you, but I have been too busy trying to source some tawny ports!! I am so glad David mentioned it to me.  We learnt so much and it was fun doing so. It is such a treat to get into the important places.”  David W PORTUGAL wine tour April 2016

A very big THANK YOU for such an extraordinary trip.   It certainly was a voyage of a lifetime, and the greatest success for all of us.” James K BURMA cruise. September 2016

We would never have found the ship or cruise without you, thank you so much. The ship was superb and I had never been to any of the places we visited before. The guides and arrangements you made for the 3 days before we embarked in St Petersburg were excellent too, so a big thank you.”BALTIC CRUISE, Martin C, July 2014

We certainly had a wonderful trip which Amelia made sure ran smoothly. It would be difficult to find anything to complain about – for me there was just the right mix of relax and sightseeing.”  Annie S, BURMA January 2014

Amelia and her Burmese colleagues/guides was absolutely superb, and coping with the unplanned changes seemed not to faze them at all. We were treated to a succession of unforgettable sights, encounters, sensations and treats. A nice bonus was that not all of these were based on stupas – tho’ those that we did visit were superb!”  Tessa L, BURMA January 2014

Thank you for the most amazing holiday.  We just loved almost every minute of it (I’m thinking of one person and his bullock cart experience when I say almost!).  It was all very special, and we think you did a fantastic job organising everything in the most charming way possible, with no moans about the change of plans at the last minute which was really bad luck for you because of all the rearranging you had to do, but the new itinerary was fantastic as far as we were all concerned”  Amanda L, BURMA January 2014

. . .thank you very much for organising everything….the most beautiful party on the last night I shall never forget…thank you again for such a unique and inspiring tour”. Valerie BMEKONG & Angkor Watt January 2013

Thank you for organising and leading us on such a splendid trip. . . it turned out even better than I hoped through the knowledge and enthusiasm which you and Mike shared with your guests Brava to you and Bravo to Mike!” Peggy P,  ITALIAN LAKES, April 2013

. . . a big thank you for organising our unforgettable trip. I look forward to enjoying another of your brilliantly organised expeditions”  Rosemary L, ITALIAN LAKES April 2013

The yacht we adored! Our captain and ship mate/ cook were utterly charming and professional. Always polite, friendly and helpful, flexible with the itinerary and full of knowledge and suggestions. Just perfect! We miss them, the yacht, the islands . . . Thank you again for brilliantly organising this wonderful holiday for us, we really enjoyed ourselves”. Claudia D, CROATIA private yacht charter: August 2013

We had been on a proper expedition, none of the mamby pamby touist stuff, yet it had all the very important ingredient, beautiful ship, delightful crew, delicious food and generous amounts of wine and of course the natural awe-inspiring beauty of our destinations . . . quite frankly incredible and unforgettable”  Stephen C, SCOTLAND & SPITSBERGEN May 2012