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Christmas in Sicily

December 2013

Noto Xmas amEver since exploring SICILY 15 years ago, I have felt this varied island would provide a wonderful escape from the dark days of winter in London.  We irisheaded to Siracusa just south of Catania to an apartment looking straight out over the sea, tucked away in the maze of old streets that make up Ortigia.  With its Greek remains, glorious piazza and curious duomo, Ortigia proved to be a perfect spot for Christmas. The market buzzed with stalls of slithery fresh silver fish, meaty hunks of swordfish  as well as mountains of vegetables and fruit bursting with vigour. There were tempting cheeses and salami, rich-red sun dried tomatoes, plump dates and juicy sanginello oranges. Exploring down the coast, we watched flamingos on the salt pans, marvelled at Neolithic caves and the baroque glories of Noto and Modica.  In the evenings,, Ortigia showed its true Italian style and we strolled along blending in with the locals enjoying the passiagiata. Breakfast and lunch, warmed by the sunshine, were spent with local gooodies to eat as well as mincepies and prosecco on our spacious terrace and of course Christmas presents were acquired entirely in ortigia! It was a perfect and memorable Christmas.Ortigia piazza