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Turtles & Submarines in the Indian Ocean

February 2016

zodiac Xmas am EIt was flattering to be asked to a ship’s naming ceremony and one with it’s own mini sub – the same as the one David Attenborough has been exploring the Great Barrier Reef in, was sensational.  CRYSTAL ESPRIT is a new, mini expedition ship and now I know her from stem to stern. Days of snorkelling followed, floating along with turtles (I saw 15), smooth elegant eagle and manta rays plus  a myriad of reef fish at ALDABRA. Enormous, gentle whale sharks slid passed me on the TANZANIA coast.  As a recce for my next Durrell trip ( see Future  Tours & Media for the Telegraph article on my last ) it was a fantastic Christmas & start to 2016.

Crystal Esprit E  Aldabra fan coral E










Would I do it again:       I shall in February 2017 – come with me for my third visit to this lonely atoll

What did I enjoy the most:   snorkelling with turtles and rays.

What did I not like:          staying in the ‘wrong’ hotel in Mahe

TOP TIP:   take a waterproof camera