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PURE LIFE Experiential Travel in Morocco

November 2013

lunch with a viewAs a guest at this by-invitation only annual travel show, I renew old friendships, check up on places that I am already familiar with and of PURE member logocourse broaden my knowledge globally. With a tight schedule of meetings every 20 minutes for the three conference days, plus evening drinks, dinners and meetings it is a busy but worthwhile week. 2013 provided a really interesting collection of new lodges, small ships and exciting experiences to learn about and incorporate into future tours, from Ballooning in Bhutan, peaceful villas in Ecuador and Sri Lanka to the cultural sites of West Africa. Whilst there, I took the opportunity to visit Fez and enjoyed strolling the maze of streets, absorb the colours and, in some cases over-powering smells (leather tanning!) as well as visit the vineyards and ruins of Volubilis.  Morocco with its variety of sites and experiences, range of climate zones and hugely differing styles of hotel, is able to provide an interesting holiday at almost any time of year.Fez leather tanning