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Deep Sea from New York

September 2014

Dep NY E

Another box ticked – an Atlantic crossing by LINER.  

Note – Liner, not cruise ship.  There is a massive difference between a cruise ship, built to take you to destinations and a liner, built for space with no other entertainments than those on board.

In brilliant sunshine, New York’s spiky skyline slipped away astern as the band played, bubbly popped and the Statue of Liberty gazed down on the impeccable decks lined with teak steamer chairs, neat with their blue and white cushions.  It was all just as I had hoped: Queen Mary 2 my ‘Liner’ of choice was whole world on the move.Stmr Chairs E

She is also incredibly complicated. Even as a pro, when booking, the nuances of which class, special restaurants and reserved areas had been confusing. So my first afternoon absorbed careful exploring and detailed reconnaissance.  Time spent……..seldom wasted etc. I thought!  Once you’ve understood how the different grades are structured, it works well.  I checked out the various standards of cabin and the top ones are sensational with dining rooms, spacious bedrooms and sheltered terraces.  The Library is superb and the wide-windowed ‘secret’ bar, a delight. There is a good variety of restaurants, both casual and smart, with additional-cost dining as a decent treat. Wide decks E

We steamed smoothly over the staggering depths of the mid Atlantic, alone.  There is no help out there, it is simply too far away for a rescue service.  I sipped bubbly on my delightful sheltered balcony, watched dolphins, whales and diving gannets. In brilliant sunshine I walked the wide decks gazing at the smooth blue sea between relaxing massages, Planetarium shows, jazz concerts, RADA plays, classical guitar recitals and line dancing.  Fortified by cream teas, cocktail parties and dinner with the Captain, I finished writing my book and acquired knowledge of a new experience.  

Would I go again?            Not by myself.

Did I enjoy it?                    Yes, but I was pleased to see Southampton.

DON’T GO                           expecting to make friends for life.

DO GO                                  with a project or a friend.

TOP TIP you can take your dog or cat