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News: Amelia's Travel Diary

Tour review, in the June issue, 2018

May 2018

H & G title snip  “When you come down to it, travelling is essentially about doors and getting them to open. Money usually works, for tickets, passes, vouchers and the like. Sometimes, though, they’re not enough. Two of the most valuable commodities in travel are exclusivity and access and, of course, you can buy those too. Which is just what the select little group I joined in Andalucia had done…………..doors were unlocked by Amelia Dalton, an avid traveller herself who has been running wildlife, wine and garden tours since 2004. Before that she was finding imaginative things to do for the passengers of a classy little cruise ship. If anyone knows the difference between gaining entrance and having an entrée, she does. ”   PETER HUGHES, travel writer.

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