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Mistress & Commander: the book

July 2017

A tale of high jinks, high seas and highlanders.

 “My encounters with Amelia Dalton have been mostly on the high seas near places like Madagascar, Borneo and Venezuela, where she has proven time and again her ingenuity, resilience and courage.  Now I know how this mix of attributes came to reside in one extraordinary person.  Mistress and Commander is exuberant, heart-warming and inspiring, a captivating read.”  Lee Durrell 

“Imagine A Year in Provence with the cast of Para Handy; add a touch of James Herriot, and you’ll get the drift of Mistress and Commander. Imagine Freya Stark, or some other dauntless female, taking on the alpha male communities of maritime Scotland and you’ll have the measure of Amelia Dalton.”  Peter Hughes, FT & Telegraph travel writer. 

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NOW being REPRINTED only 2 months after initial publication. Available @ AMAZON, your local bookshop or Waterstones.

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