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News: Amelia's Travel Diary

Boating in Burma

February 2016

Riverside Pag crpd EIn January 2015, after the charter of the delightful Orcaella from Belmond with CAZENOVE & LOYD, I stayed on as lecturer for BELMOND’s guests and was amazed by the change in the mighty Irrawaddy over a month. I feel well acquainted with its many moods, as I have experienced the whole length of the navigable river in differing months – August, September, October, January and February. I am good at doling out soup, slipping off my shoes to visit a temple, as well as sipping champagne in unlikely spots. Burma is unique and genuinely an experience not to be missed. It is such a pleasure for me to create itineraries for clients and be so confident their expectations will be met.

Irrawa boats E  Burma chillies E







Would I go again:                tomorrow morning!

What did I enjoy most:        the scenery, shopping and of course wonderful people.

What’s not to like:               January and February – ask me why

 TOP TIP                                uncreased dollar bills.