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Tinkling Bells in Java

September 2015

Borob carving E

JAVA – from its seething, traffic choked capital to the calm Buddhist temples of BOROBUDUR is a fascinating island.  The superb museum in JAKARTA is massive, well laid out and simply stuffed with fascinating items from all over Indonesia;  the food is excellent and even the civit cat coffee surprisingly good.

Borob 'bells' E

At Borobudur the calm temple with the tinkling bells and incense drifting through the morning mists was a delight; it’s a small site compared with Bagan in Burma and excellent for a short break with the benefit of a superb hotel – luxurious and architecturally breathtaking.

Aman pool E


Would I do it again:

love to, for more time everywhere!

What did I enjoy the most:  

still mornings with tinkling temple bells

What did I not like:

traffic crawl in Jakarta

 TOP TIP                               

go slowly, there’s much to absorb