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Lakes & Gardens: Italy in April

May 2015

My bedroom view

Boating around the Italian lakes of COMO and MAGGIORE  from garden to Garden – what could be more charming. The ice cream is of course delicious, food and wine memorable, the architecture wonderfully fin de siècle and of course the gardens were a plethora of colour and scents.

Come and join me and my GARDEN guru Mike Nelhams in Sicily in 2018.  Mike has good friends there and his TRESCO ABBEY GARDENS connections will open up rarely trodden garden paths.

Ornges & Lemons E Cicgogna M E







Would I go again:             every spring

What did I enjoy most:      the lake and garden views and wonderful scents

What’s not to like:              nothing

 TOP TIP                           binoculars to study the posh villas