Specialist Expeditions Worldwide

Tailored Travelling for YOU

It’s your holiday, so it MUST be what you want, in your time, in your style and at whatever budget type you choose.  My clients travelled worldwide, including BELIZE, SICILY, AFRICA, CHINA, SRI LANKA,NEW ZEALAND with all the family or on their own.  “what a wonderful trip we all had …you arranged a terrific schedule and as a result we really got a feel for this lovely country and it’s delightful people” J, Fulham.  ” we will have long have happy memories – we are boring our friends rigid at the moment!” R, Norfolk

Travel by Sea: exploring by ship is a treat and a rare pleasure.  Unpack Once! See somewhere new each day. I can help with where, when and which ship. This has been my forte for over twenty years, reaching remote shores and tiny islands from Norway to Papua New Guinea via the Baltic, Mediterranean, Black Sea and Andaman Seas.

Travel by Land, or hot air balloon – it’s your choice!

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