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ANDALUCIA in Spring 2024

Posted on: January 5th, 2024 by Amelia Dalton

A Varied Short Break in Spanish Spring.

From the dry plains of La Mancha to the sea-kissed Levante and on through southern Spain – historic Andalucía, is home to fascinating architecture, colourful traditions, delicious food and elegant, sophisticated wines. Staying a delightful, sophisticated and charming luxury hide-away, we have 3 full days to experience the best of this fascinating area, in comfort and style. 


OMAN, historic, colourful & varied.

Posted on: October 17th, 2022 by Amelia Dalton

OMAN Forts & Frankincense, Sands & Souqs, Beaches & Mountains. February 2024

Oman is a richly diverse and surprising country with charming, elegant people. Landscapes vary – harsh, jagged mountain ranges, lush, scented date gardens and long empty beaches. The frankincense trade in the sub-tropical south dates from 5,000 BC whilst the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is elegantly 21st century.  Less oil-rich than its neighbours, traditional markets flourish with exotic fish and knobbly frankincense, there are remarkable forts, well organized informative museums, striking mountain scenery, mud villages, wadis and peaks plus highly adapted wildlife and plants. With local guides, we explore this huge variety from MUSCAT to SALALAH on the frankincense coast.

OMAN Forts Frankincense & Deserts 2024 brochure


SULAWESI & JAVA: Curious & Exotic

Posted on: April 6th, 2021 by Amelia Dalton

With arms stretching out across the sea, SULAWESI is as fantastic and unexpected as it looks on the map, whilst JAVA revels in architecture, history and volcanoes;  a fascinating combination of exotic islands.

Drawing on the 2023 days, the new itinerary will include JAVA as well as SULAWESI.  We will visit   the interior of both isles, combining curious cultural customs with exotic wildlife and the magnificent temple of BOROBUDUR. Mountains are impenetrable, wildlife is rare and flamboyant and the cultural practices extraordinary. To take advantage of the curiosities of these huge and disparate islands, our itinerary will be active to walk and explore the variety, meet villagers and historic sites.  The brochure below relates to 2023;  2024 WILL FOLLOW, or please ask via [email protected]