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Portuguese Table Wines with Ben Howkins

APRIL 14th - 19th 2016

PORTUGAL – “a treasure trove of indigenous grape varieties.”

The Douro Valley & Lodges of Oporto: a delightful wine tour with BEN HOWKINS & Amelia Dalton.

We will taste wines created by the historic family producers of the Douro Valley and our dining will vary to suit the locality, with special invitations to dine as private guests of the Symington family and at the prestigious Factory House, plus a luxurious Michelin starred dinner. We cruise the picturesque twists and turns of the Douro river by traditional boat and explore the charming streets of Oporto and Lamego. Our upriver hotel gazes across the romantic River Douro,  whilst the sumptuous Yeatman Hotel in Oporto cascades down the river bank between the old warehouses providing spectacular city views.