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Wines of the Rhône Valley

11 - 15 June 2014

In the warmth of early June, we will be tasting wines from some of the greatest producers including Château de Beaucastel, Maison Chapoutier and Domaine René Rostaing. We start in Orange with its superb Roman ruins and travel through the RHÔNE valley staying in simple well-located hotels. We meet the growers, dine in their restaurants and some of the most inspired French restaurants with Michelin stars as well as enjoy a simple vineyard picnic. The Rhône Valley was the gateway to France for the Phoenicians, Greeks and the Romans, who introduced vines: whether they came from Shiraz in Persia or Syracuse in Sicily is still disputed. This river route resulted in the founding of churches and abbeys to control this lucrative trade, which increased dramatically when the Pope moved to Avignon in the 13th century. During Napoleonic times the area flourished and the reputation of the wine grew, both for their quality and supposed medicinal qualities. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE